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It’s official – Personal Licence Renewals are no more!

It’s official – Personal Licence Renewals are no more!

30 Mar 2015

The Home Office has now confirmed that personal licence renewals will be a thing of the past, come Wednesday.  On 1t April 2015 (and this is no April Fool), certain provisions of the Deregulation Act 2015 will come into force, including abolishing the requirement to renew personal licences.

This means that even though your personal licence has an expiry date on it, this will be disapplied and you don’t have to take any steps to renew your licence; it will continue as though there is no expiry date.  New personal licences will be issued without an expiry date, as this is now unnecessary.

Please remember that if your home address has changed since you obtained your personal licence (or last updated it) then you will need to notify the licensing authority and make sure it is up-to-date. There is a £10.50 fee payable to the authority to make the change and you must return both parts of your personal licence. If you do not have both parts, you must obtain a lost property or theft number from the police and provide this to the licensing authority before they will reissue your licence. This requirement will be abolished on 26th May 2015 and you will no longer need to report the theft or loss of your personal licence to the police.

A number of other changes will be coming in to force on 26 May, including the removal of the offence of selling liqueur confectionery to under 16s and it has been confirmed that – starting in 2016 – the number of Temporary Event Notices permitted each year per premises will be increased from 12 to 15.

Finally, don’t forget the changes to regulated entertainment which come into force on 6 April 2015 (more details here).

If you have any questions, or would like any more information about any of the changes, please contact us or call the Licensing team on 0161 838 7888.

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