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Government issues guidance on international surrogacy

Government issues guidance on international surrogacy

19 Feb 2014

Surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular with couples who wish to grow or start a family. Many prospective parents are choosing to embark on surrogacy abroad in countries such as the US and India. The British Government has now published guidance to assist those who are considering embarking on international surrogacy.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued detailed guidance about the surrogacy process and has highlighted the complexities of the legal challenges which intended parents through surrogacy inevitably have to face. The Guidance urges couples to be fully aware of the facts and requirements before embarking on the process of surrogacy.

The Guidance points out that:

  • The surrogacy process is complicated and can take several months to complete.
  • Travel documentation and immigration needs to be considered, including visas and passports. Such documentation may take considerable time to be issued.
  • Surrogacy is legal in only a limited number of countries. In addition, different countries have different rules as to whom surrogacy is available for.
  • It is imperative that couples thoroughly research prospective clinics and hospitals to ensure that they are dealing with reputable and safe organisations.

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As highlighted by Anne-Marie Hutchinson, who is the Co-Chair of the IAML Surrogacy and ARTS Committee and Founder of The International Surrogacy Forum:

“I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is that prospective parents seek legal advice before beginning the international surrogacy process. Every country has different laws and the intricate legal requirements can be very difficult to navigate.”

The legal process can seem like an intimidating and even overwhelming aspect of your surrogacy journey, but our surrogacy lawyers are here to provide you with the advice and support that you need, from start to finish. We have guided couples through the international surrogacy process from the very first stages to the successful award of Parental Orders.

The Guidance “Surrogacy Overseas” can be read in full here

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