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Euro 2016 and the Queen’s birthday licensing relaxation

Euro 2016 and the Queen’s birthday licensing relaxation

16 May 2016

The Government has announced that pubs will be allowed to sell alcohol on Friday 10th June and Saturday 11th June until 1am, an extension of 2 hours for many.

The Queen’s official birthday falls on 11th June which coincides with the opening match for England in the Euros against Russia, kicking off at 8pm. Wales also play Slovakia at 5pm.

Whilst this is welcome news for licensed premises, there are a few points that need to be borne in mind:

• All other elements of the Premises Licence will still apply and all conditions must be complied with as normal. Bear in mind any conditions relating to door staff as they will have to be adhered to until the later closing time.

• The mandatory conditions on the licence should also be adhered to. The prohibition on irresponsible drink promotions and the provision of free or discounted alcohol are worth highlighting in particular.

• The extension only applies to when alcohol can be sold. It does not relate to hot food or drink or to regulated entertainment. If you wish to provide hot food or drink, use a pop up bar or provide entertainment that is not already provided until 1am, you must apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). We can assist you with this.

• If you wish to open for even longer than 1am, you will have to apply for a TEN. Again, we can assist you with this.

• The extension does not apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland. The extended hours only apply to pubs in England and Wales which hold a premises licence.

What about the other Euro 2016 games?

The relaxation in hours only applies to the first two days of the Euro 2016 qualifiers, however, with 8pm kick offs continuing throughout the Euro 2016 season until the final on 10th July, you should consider if you need to extend your hours past 11pm on any other days. You will need a Temporary Event Notice in order to carry out licensable activities including the sale of alcohol, providing entertainment such as music or dancing, and serving hot food or drink.

A single premises can have up to 15 TENs per year covering not more than 21 days. The TEN must be applied for at least 10 working days before the event.

If you have any queries about your licence during the Euro 2016 or would like to apply for a Temporary Event Notice, please contact the Licensing team on 0161 838 7888.

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