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Employment Bill omitted from Queen’s speech

Employment Bill omitted from Queen’s speech

10th May 2022 - Published by Kuits Employment team

It had, until recently, been expected that the Employment Bill would be included in this year’s Queen’s Speech. The purpose of the Employment Bill had been to strengthen employment rights by introducing reforms such as a new type of family leave referred to as ‘carers leave’, a day one right to request flexible working and a requirement for all employers to pass on tips to workers without any deductions, as well as a statutory code of practice setting out how tips should be distributed.

We will now have to wait to find out whether the Employment Bill will be re-visited in the future and whether it will include the same proposals as described by the Government back in 2019.

Despite this the Government yesterday announced plans to widen the ban on exclusivity clauses in contracts from just workers on zero hours contracts to workers earning below the lower-earnings limit of £123 a week. Exclusivity clauses are provisions in a worker’s contract which prohibit them from carrying out other work during their employment. The current position is that it is only illegal to have exclusivity clauses in contracts for zero hour workers. It is expected this will enable around 1.5 million more workers to work for multiple employers, helping employers fill vacancies and giving more flexibility to the lowest paid workers.

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