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Apple announce introduction of Legacy Contact for iCloud

Apple announce introduction of Legacy Contact for iCloud

9th June 2021 - Published by Kuits Tax team

When someone dies it is the responsibility of their executor to gather in all their assets, which includes all their digital assets. Over the past few years, we have all stored more information and assets online or in the cloud, and gaining access to these assets after someone dies can be very difficult. Historically, Apple would only let someone access a deceased’s person iCloud with a court order, which meant the grieving family had to go through an additional, expensive court process. However, yesterday Apple announced that they are finally going to follow the example of Facebook and allow users to nominate a Legacy Contact on their account. This will mean that after they have died, the Legacy Contact can simply produce a death certificate and they will be able to access all the data stored in the cloud. However, the Legacy Contact will still not be able to access passwords, licensed applications, for example iTunes, or access to private keys to crypto currency. 

What does this mean for me if I am making a Will?

It is really important for people making a Will to also go onto their iCloud account and complete this step. If the person has not nominated someone as their Legacy Contact before they die, then the family will still need to go through the court process to access all the precious photos and other media stored in the iCloud. It is also important when making a Will to consider how your executors will know about your online accounts, including any crypto currency and how they will access them after your death. 

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