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Top 8 Post-Separation Practical Tips

Top 8 Post-Separation Practical Tips

11th June 2021 - Published by Kuits Family team

Think about you!

Divorce is a major life event which can be very stressful even when amicable. It is important to remember to think about yourself and your feelings and take action to make sure you keep well mentally and physically. See our Associate Maddy Hailey’s top tips on “How to stay well during a divorce” for lots of useful tips

Organise your paperwork

This is a great time to get all of your paperwork in order, particularly as you might be opening new accounts or taking over accounts you previously shared with your former spouse. You should also think about changing your passwords, and make a list of anything you need to get sorted, such as a separate Netflix account.

Once your divorce is finalised, you should keep your Decree Absolute document safe as you will need this if you want to remarry, and for other purposes such as providing evidence of your name, e.g. if you want to go back to using a maiden name.

Make a list

As you are going through the divorce process, keep a list of things that you and your ex-partner have already sorted, such as closing and dividing a joint account, and the dates that you have done things. This is so that your solicitor can keep a record of this and ensure that it is recorded appropriately in your financial order.

When your financial order has been finalised, it may just seem like a confusing and overwhelming amount of legal jargon on some official paper, but it is very important that you understand the contents of the document, particularly the sections on what is going to happen and when. You should discuss this with your solicitor and make a list of key dates to make sure nothing gets missed or forgotten.

Check your entitlements

Following separation, you should check whether there are any changes you can make to your household bills to cut your outgoings or whether you are entitled to any benefits, e.g.:

  • 25% discount on your Council Tax bill if you are the only adult living at the property;
  • If you don’t have a water meter, it might be more cost effective to switch to one now;
  • Check whether you are entitled to any benefits such as child benefit or universal credit that you weren’t previously entitled to because of your spouse’s/combined income level. There are various tools available online to check this such as

Update contact details

Remember to update your name/address on accounts where necessary. If you have children, you should also let their school know and any activities providers, so that they know who to contact and when.

Make use of technology

If you have children, you will have likely agreed child arrangements with your former spouse. With school holidays, special occasions, and children getting busier as they get older, this can become confusing and overwhelming at times. There are lots of useful apps available, such as My Family Wizard, which parents can use to exchange messages, and documents and keep a calendar of who is doing what and when.

Sort out your Will and beneficiaries of your pension/insurance policies

You should consider making a new Will following completion of your divorce, as divorce will invalidate any appointment of your former spouse as executor/executrix of your Will and will invalidate any gifts made to them.

You should also think about updating the beneficiaries of your pension and your life insurance policies. You should check with your employer to see if you have a death in service benefit or other benefits so that you can update your beneficiaries.

Speak to a financial advisor

You should consider speaking to a financial advisor following your divorce so that you can discuss setting a savings/retirement plan for your future. You might also have received capital or pension provision as part of the divorce and need to take advice as to how best to invest this to maximise your future return.

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