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Time stands still for no system

Time stands still for no system

04 May 2016

Further to reports that Atos were forced to hand back £15m to Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) due to its failure to deliver ‘Manchester’s Oyster system’, TfGM may need to go back to the drawing board on this key aspect of its transport plans.

Whilst there are often collaborative ways to deal with failing IT projects (as outlined by Martin Lewis, Partner in our Commercial & Intellectual Property department, in November 2015), some disputes like the above inevitably need to be resolved by dispute resolution lawyers.


Considering the rapid developments of the contactless payments in London, TfGM’s delays and ensuing legal battle could be a blessing in disguise, as the proposed system may actually risk obsolescence from the outset. Contactless payments and pre-payment apps are fast becoming the standard mode of payment for people on the go.
Here are some of the benefits of using contactless payments:

• Contactless payments are fast becoming the norm in London and the system has been adapted to fit Transport for London’s (TfL) current technology infrastructure on buses and the Tube.

• When introduced in 2014, contactless technology saved commuters’ around £100 a week on average (when compared to the Oyster System)

• Eradicating the need for cash payments on buses saved TfL around £20-30m.

• Contactless payments are convenient – there is no need to top up or make balancing payments.


The days of carrying an expensive monthly/season ticket in your wallet or purse may well be numbered. Apps now allow commuters to upload tickets directly onto their phones. A new app introduced by TfGM gives commuters the freedom to keep their tickets digitally and also enables them to pay online.

The future 

Whilst there may still be a place for pre-payment cards or apps for daily commuters, contactless cards may actually offer the more convenient future for Manchester’s visitors, shoppers and workers.

With technology developing at breakneck speeds, and the Northern Powerhouse fighting other European business hubs for a place at the top table, might contactless offer Manchester the chance to stay at the forefront of transportation system innovation?

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