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Putting children first in a divorce

Putting children first in a divorce

2nd December 2020 - Published by

An important reason for an amicable divorce is to limit children’s exposure to the very adult issues surrounding the process. It is critical for parents to put the needs of their children first when planning how things might work as part of their new normal.

To mark Resolution’s “Good Divorce Week”, the Kuits Family team consider ways of how you can put children first during divorce.

Effective co-parenting training

A new report by the Family Solutions Group suggests that separating parents, both married and unmarried, should attend compulsory educational training on effective co-parenting prior to making court applications concerning child arrangements. This comes after a rise in applications by parents asking the court to settle battles over where their children should live, and how they should spend their time, following separation, which is leaving the family courts overwhelmed.

With Judges reporting having been asked by parents to make decisions on trivial matters in dispute, including very slight changes to the timing of contact and which precise street a child should be handed over at, there is concern that the welfare of the children is not the central and overriding factor in the decision making of separating parents.

In a further attempt to ensure children are put first, the report suggests that age-appropriate resources should be provided to children to assist them in coping with the separation of their parents.

Parenting plans

Even for parents struggling to co-parent in the immediate future, there are many options already open to you outside of the court arena including mediation and parenting plans. Parenting plans can be great for flexibility and are able to cover a wide range of situations from special occasions down to the day-to-day.

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