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DIY divorce could lead to future financial claims

DIY divorce could lead to future financial claims

8th December 2020 - Published by Kuits family team

Research suggests more people are using online resources and services for a “quickie DIY divorce”. The Kuits family team outline a key aspect of this approach that is often overlooked.

Financial ties

As married partners, spouses have financial responsibilities towards each other that can continue long beyond divorce and possibly even death, especially in situations where the parties have not addressed the division of the finances of the marriage following their separation.

This means you could be at risk of a financial claim from your ex-spouse many years down the line when that relationship is a distant memory. There are real dangers that spouses using these services are not giving thought to, or are even aware they need to consider, the wider financial consequences involved on divorce.

Even where you have considered the separation of your finances, and perhaps reached an informal agreement with your spouse, it is critical that this is recorded within an enforceable court order and approved by the court, rather than you taking the monumental risk that your ex-spouse will always stay true to their ‘word’.

It is important to get early advice from a solicitor on separation to talk through your entitlements and responsibilities on divorce, and to ensure your future is protected.

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