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COVID-19 Insights: Advice for leisure & hospitality businesses

COVID-19 Insights: Advice for leisure & hospitality businesses

1st April 2020 - Published by Kuits COVID-19 Advice Taskforce

All information contained in the below insights was correct as of the day of publication:

Greater Manchester restrictions: what they mean for licensed premises

31st July 2020

Our leisure team sets out its understanding of the new local restrictions in Greater Manchester and other areas of the country and how they impact on pubs, bars, restaurants and other licensed premises.


VIDEO: ‘The Return of the Suburbs’: leisure and hospitality in a post-lockdown world

30th July 2020

On July 29th, Kuits hosted this ‘Return of the Suburbs’ leisure webinar, where head of leisure for Kuits Felicity Tulloch provided insights into the opportunities emerging for brands already situated in suburban areas and district centres, and city centre brands looking to invest in their ‘out-of-city’ presence.


Hospitality and events: local authorities given unprecedented powers to shut down venues

29th July 2020

In this article, our specialist licensing team look at the unprecedented powers local authorities have been given under the Health Protections Regulations 2020, outlining what operators need to look out for.

VIDEO: Client focus: TRIB3 International

24th July 2020

Ahead of the reopening of gyms and leisure centres in England on July 25, executive partner Robert Levy hosts a discussion with Kevin Yates, CEO of boutique fitness studios TRIB3 International.

The leisure and hospitality brands finding success post-lockdown and the ‘return of the suburbs’

16th July 2020

Head of leisure for Kuits, Felicity Tulloch, offers her insight into where hospitality operators are finding the most success, as well as the opportunities emerging for out-of-town brands.


VIDEO: Licensing & leisure update: Client focus: San Carlo Restaurants

3rd July 2020

Ahead of the reopening of the hospitality sector in England on July 4, executive partner Robert Levy hosts a discussion with the Marcello Distefano, managing director of San Carlo Restaurants, offering key insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the business and the industry as a whole


Hospitality operators: how to stay GDPR compliant when reopening

3rd July 2020

The Kuits data protection team outlines how hospitality operators can stay GDPR complaint when collecting customers’ personal information once they have reopened.


Draft Business and Planning Bill – what does it mean for hospitality operators?

25th June 2020

As the government announces the re-opening of pubs and restaurants, they have released the draft Business and Planning Bill which introduced sweeping changes to licensing and planning laws. So what does this mean for hospitality operators? Licensing associate Rebecca Ingram explains in this article.


VIDEO: COVID-19 licensing & leisure update: The hospitality industry prepares to reopen

25th June 2020

Licensing team colleagues Felicity Tulloch and Rebecca Ingram discuss the government’s announcement that hospitality operators can reopen their premises on July 4.


Reopening your hospitality business? – What you need to know

24th June 2020

Are you thinking of reopening your hospitality business? Here’s what you need to know and consider following the government’s announcement that the industry can reopen on July 4.


The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill: key provisions for the leisure sector

11th June 2020

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill sets out a number of provisions for all business sectors, but what are the key takeaways for the leisure sector? Head of Insolvency Richard Palmer looks at the effect this will have on the industry.


Reopening hospitality businesses – How should you prepare?

5th June 2020

With a month to go before hospitality operators can reopen their doors, many will be considering what they need to do to prepare. In this article, the Kuits licensing team give advice on what they think operators should be considering.


VIDEO: COVID-19 licensing & leisure update: Isn’t it time we reopened beer gardens?

1st June 2020

Head of licensing, Felicity Tulloch, hosts a discussion with licensing associate, Rebecca Ingram, offering an update on the current legislation for leisure operators and why it could be time for licensed beer gardens and outdoor spaces to be allowed to reopen.


Isn’t it time we reopened beer gardens?

1st June 2020

With lockdown easing, the Kuits licensing team analyses the current regulations around premises selling alcohol for consumption off the premises and whether beer gardens and licensed outdoor spaces should be allowed to reopen immediately.


VIDEO: Kuits COVID-19 Briefing: Leisure, hotels & hospitality

29th May 2020

Executive partner, Robert Levy hosts a video discussion with head of licensing, Felicity Tulloch as part of the Kuits COVID-19 Briefing series, analysing the impact of the pandemic on the leisure, hotels and hospitality sector.


Off sales and consumption in public spaces – what should you consider?

27th May 2020

Since the imposition of the ‘lockdown’ in the UK, many hospitality businesses have been considering new and innovative ways to generate revenue. Our team looks at considerations with off sales and consumption in public spaces.


How can hospitality businesses prepare to reopen?

11th May 2020

The Kuits licensing team analyses the government’s lockdown release strategy and what it means for hospitality business owners, including the potential to utilise outdoor space to reopen.


Licensing hearings to continue

8th April 2020

Our licensing team provide an update on the government’s letter to all Licensing Authorities on April 8th, urging them to take a pragmatic approach to licensing matters in these uncertain times.


COVID-19: Preserving your licences

30th March 2020

Associate Rebecca Ingram provides the key knock on effects the current circumstances could have on leisure operators premises licence(s).


Takeaway and delivery: what you need to know

30th March 2020

Our licensing team has discussed what leisure operators will need to consider from a licensing perspective on the continued offering of takeaway and delivery services.


COVID-19: Planning measures announced to ease the burden and economic impact of COVID-19 upon restaurants and bars Changes to the planning regime in response to COVID-19

23rd March and 23rd March 2020

Planning solicitors Victoria Leam and Bob Sadler provide insight into how the new planning measures announced can ease the burden and economic impact of COVID-19 upon restaurants and bars.


COVID-19: Key questions the hospitality industry is asking & COVID-19: Closure of bars, restaurants and similar premises.

23rd March and 20th March 2020

Head of licensing Felicity Tulloch answers some of the questions our clients have been asking us.


If you would like to engage the Kuits leisure team please contact partner and head of licensing Felicity Tulloch at or on 0161 838 7804.

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