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Furlough: did you get it right?

Furlough: did you get it right?

About the event

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), commonly known as the furlough scheme, is a temporary Government initiative that has allowed employers access to financial support from the Treasury to pay part of their employees’ wages throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the peak of the pandemic in May 2020, the scheme was supporting a total of 8.9 million jobs across the UK, making it a lifeline for many businesses and their employees; however, HMRC have now estimated that since the introduction of the CJRS, some £3.5 billion has been incorrectly claimed by employers.

As the CJRS legal framework was  enacted at a rapid pace and then frequently updated, a number of businesses will simply be unaware of potential errors in their furlough claims. For example, are you confident that your employees were not working during their furlough leave and that you have a clear understanding as to what amounts to working whilst furloughed?

Join us for our latest seminar where Kuits’ furlough experts Kevin McKenna, Claire Treacy, Robert Levy and Wendi Bussin will be discussing everything from the common misconceptions with furlough, ongoing business risks, and the consequences of misusing the CJRS and the severe risks if you don’t seek legal advice quickly. The session will end with Q&A session where attendees can direct questions to our experts.

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