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#ETfees: our insight on today's Supreme Court ruling that employment tribunal fees are unlawful

26 Jul 2017

Head of Employment for Kuits, Kevin McKenna, gives his insight into today’s Supreme Court decision that employment tribunal fees are unlawful.  “The Unison case decided today in the Supreme Court is likely to dramatically change the landscape for employment tribunal claims and substantially increase the risk of tribunal claims for employers. “The introduction of fees […]


#BBCpay: a legal perspective on today's top story

19 Jul 2017

Head of employment for Kuits, Kevin McKenna, offers insight into today’s top story concerning the salary information published in the BBC’s annual report and what this means for employers: “Firstly, the salary information published in the BBC’s annual report should not be confused with an employer’s obligations relating to the Gender Pay Regulations. For a start, […]


Employee injunctions: Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect confidential information from your previous employer.

19 Jul 2017

Occasionally calls come in not from people who want employment law advice, but from people who want to give it – or, at least, have a clear vision in their mind as to what the state of the law should be. Above all, there is one area where the desire for the law to match […]


HMRC Investigations: 5 things employers should know

29 Jun 2017

The spotlight for HMRC investigations into breach of the National Minimum Wage Regulations has traditionally fallen on employers in the care, retail and hospitality sectors. Increasingly, we are seeing that HMRC is starting to widen the net to other sectors such as sports and manufacturing. Mark McKeating, a solicitor from our Employment team sets out […]

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