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Marriage or civil partnership? What’s the difference?

24 Feb 2017

Head of Family, Katie McCann, comments on the recent news that a heterosexual couple have lost their Court of Appeal battle to enter into a civil partnership. This week, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan lost their battle to legalise civil partnerships for heterosexual couples in the Court of Appeal. The couple challenged a previous High Court […]


Interim Possession Orders: A useful remedy?

09 Feb 2017

For many commercial landowners, the prospect of trespassers occupying and damaging their premises is a perennial concern. Whilst the usual advice is to obtain a possession order and enforce it using civil enforcement officers, it can often take upwards of three weeks from issue of proceedings to getting the unlawful occupiers removed. Where, for example, […]


Mothers are still being discriminated against: what does this tell us about Shared Parental Leave?

30 Jan 2017

Recent press reports suggest that the Business Minister has launched a consultation on the need to bolster workplace protections for women who are pregnant or on maternity leave. Here, Mark Clayton, employment solicitor for Kuits, offers his thoughts on what he thinks this says about the success of the recently introduced Shared Parental Leave legislation. […]


The pain of high heels: dress codes and sex discrimination in the workplace

25 Jan 2017

Today, a joint report has been issued by the Petitions Committee and Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons entitled “High heels and workplace dress codes”. The report follows the committees’ enquiry following a new petition calling on the government to make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high […]

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