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The Cambridge Analytica Facebook affair may embolden the authorities to aggressively enforce the GDPR as the public wakes up to the importance of data privacy.

22 Mar 2018

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has hit news headlines worldwide and placed both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The story has brought privacy and data protection to the attention of millions and will, no doubt, have increased awareness of how their data is used by businesses. Under the […]


Mum’s the Word

08 Mar 2018

What do McDonald’s, Coca Cola and KFC all have in common?  They all use trade secrets or confidential terms to protect the assets of most value to them: their secret recipes. All this appeared to resurface again in the past few weeks as people attempted to recreate the Colonel’s secret recipe when there were distribution […]


How do I get divorced?

28 Feb 2018

Getting divorced can be an intimidating prospect. As well as dealing with any emotional distress, many people will not understand the process or what they need to do at each stage. A good family lawyer will be able to make things easier for you, once the decision to separate has been made, by setting out […]


How is money distributed on divorce?

28 Feb 2018

If you are considering divorce and there are significant assets to be taken into account, such as property, a business, a pension, an expected inheritance, a large salary or simply money in the bank, you should speak to a family lawyer who specialises in matrimonial finances immediately. Many people do not realise going into a […]

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