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What the Mills v Mills case tells us about spousal maintenance: The importance of a financial order

18 Jul 2018

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Court of Appeal was wrong to take into account a former wife’s housing costs when increasing her spousal maintenance award on an appeal brought in 2014, despite provision having been made specifically for her housing costs as part of a capital award agreed in 2002. The Court of […]


What Owens v Owens tells us about the need for divorce law reform

17 May 2018

The Supreme Court is currently hearing the final arguments of Tini Owens and Hugh Owens, who have been engaged in a long fight over whether Tini is entitled to a divorce. In anticipation of the result, we reflect on the current law and how it has led to a married couple arguing in the Supreme […]


Countdown to the GDPR: the five things you need to do before 25th May

26 Apr 2018

In one month, on 25th May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. If you have not yet taken steps to make your business GDPR-compliant, now is the time to take action. While the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has indicated that it is not intending to issue large fines immediately from 25 May, […]


The Cambridge Analytica Facebook affair may embolden the authorities to aggressively enforce the GDPR as the public wakes up to the importance of data privacy.

22 Mar 2018

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has hit news headlines worldwide and placed both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The story has brought privacy and data protection to the attention of millions and will, no doubt, have increased awareness of how their data is used by businesses. Under the […]

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